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2015 GGFOA Legislative Report
Posted: 2/18/2015
The third report of the 2015 GGFOA Legislative Report is now available.
Achieve Excellence in Public Finance!
Posted: 2/17/2015
Achieve Excellence in Public Finance with Center for State and Local Finance’s Executive Education Program.  Click here for more information.
Wednesday's News You Can Use! - Archives
Posted: 1/11/2015
With your busy schedule, you may not have had the opportunity to take advantage of a particular webinar that you are interested in. Now, members can access the archive site and participate in the Wednesday’s News You Can Use webinar, and receive credit. After viewing each webinar, click on the link provided at the end to ensure you receive credit.
29th GGFOA Annual Conference Presentations
Posted: 9/25/2014
Check out the 29th Annual Conference Presentations as they continue to become available.
The 2014 GGFOA Benefit Survey results are in!
Posted: 8/5/2014
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GGFOA Welcomes...
Lessie Youngblood, Bookkeeper, Atkinson County Board of Education
Amy Peeples, Purchasing, City of St. Marys
Janice Beckham, Jr. Accountant, City of St. Marys
Kim Dockery, Staff Accountant, City of St. Marys
Kristen Albritton, Director of Finance, Lamar County Board of Education
Kimberly Kline, Finance Clerk, Heard County

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